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We Study Complexities
Simple Realities

UNEC Empirical Research Center

Our Research

Founded within the Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC), the UNEC Empirical Research Center engages in cutting-edge research geared towards interdisciplinary intellectual contributions. While evidence-based epistemological choices dominate our research, diversity constitutes the nucleus of the Centre's approach to science. 

Our research fellows investigate a wide range of research questions in the domain of welfare economics, political economy, institutional economy, public economics, and energy economics at a level of granularity that transcends beyond conventional debates.

The Center makes publications and policy recommendations corresponding to its mission-oriented research to purvey a better understanding of the economic policy-level global and local solutions to the challenges of today's complex world.


UNEC Empirical Research Center,

Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC),

6 Istiglaliyyat, Baku.

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