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Starting in 2023, UNEC Empirical Research Center will annually organize the International Conference of Young Social Science Researchers, the National Forum for Social Science Research and the Researchers of the Future with the endeavour of bringing together young scholars, policymakers and business leaders to shape the most recent and future scientific debates, foster cross-sectoral knowledge transfer and encourage mission-oriented policymaking. 

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 National Forum for Social Science Research 2023

The foremost objective of the Forum is to illustrate the current state of research-related activities, especially in social sciences and render solutions together with the relevant policymakers, public intellectuals and other members of the public. This primary purpose is accompanied by cross-sectoral interactions from the public, private spheres and academia. 

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International Conference of Young Social Science Researchers 2023

ICYSSR is organized to convey the synergy of youth to academic debates. The conference provides a unique platform for the works of young social scientists and researchers who would like to make a societal impact through science.

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Researchers of the Future

Researchers of the Future is designed to provide tailored training sessions and interactive seminars for high-potential young individuals who aim to become scholars of the next generation. Besides encapsulating intensive research engagement, our program has a mission of training socially impact-making academicians.

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