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Khatai Aliyev: University-state-industry relations in Azerbaijan have been successfully studied

16 iyn 2023

The director of the UNEC Empirical Research Center, assoc. prof. Khatai Aliyev talked to the Azerbaijan State News Agency (AZERTAC) at the presentation of the research project on university-state-industry relations.

"Today's event aims to examine the current situation and problems, especially the communication problem, in university-state-industry relations in Azerbaijan and to propose solutions in this direction. The event "University-state-industry relations in Azerbaijan: who wants what?" is dedicated to the results of the research project," associate professor Khatai Aliyev, head of UNEC Empirical Research Center, told AZERTAC.

He said that the project which won the internal grant competition of UNEC was successfully researched and completed. The results of the study identified four main problems. These are lack of qualified human resources, weak coordination of resources and infrastructure issues, path dependence, and mutual mistrust as the main problem in university-state-industry relations. The study offers a mechanism and a relevant framework for intensifying university-state-industry relations in Azerbaijan. From a practical aspect, he said the study concludes with necessary recommendations such as trust and communication building, effective coordination of resources, and knowledge and innovation-based economy building.

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