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UNEC Empirical Research Center's Director and Deputy Director contribute to the Global Social Norms study

5 iyl 2023

The UNEC Empirical Research Center announced the active involvement of Assoc. Prof. Khatai Aliyev and Nijat Muradzada in the data collection for the Global Social Norms study organized by the Sweden-based Institute for Future Studies.

Bringing together researchers from 57 countries, the Global Social Norms study aims to organize global studies of social norms and how they vary across societies and change over time, inspired by existing global studies of values and opinions such as the World Values Survey and the International Social Survey. UNEC Empirical Research Center will represent Azerbaijan with two researchers.

Founded in 1960, the Sweden-based Institute for Futures Studies is recognized globally for its expertise in futures research and long-term societal trends. The Institute is engaged in the production of a knowledge base focusing on issues of importance for the future, and also actively promotes debate about the future.

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